Magnetic HD Flowchart for iPhone 4S

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Magnetic HD Flowchart for iPhone 4s

This Magnetic flow chart is designed to help you get through your repair with ease. It magnetically holds screws and small parts in place to help make your repair go smoothly. It features our proprietary repair instructions that follow you step by step through the screen replacement. Designed by our expert repair technicians, these world-class instructions are the easiest way to get your device back to working condition. We hold your hand through the entire process so you know exactly what you are doing and can confidently and successfully make it through the repair. This confidence of knowing where you put every piece of your device will practically cut your repair time in half! We all keep our lives on these devices so do it right the first time with this awesome magnetic flow chart by iCracked inc. 

Highlights Of This Flowchart:

    • High Quality Magnetic Surface to hold screws in place
    • Step-By-Step Instructions For An Easy Repair
    • High Definition Photos to Walk You Through Each Step
    • Never Lose a Part Again!
    • Doubles as an Awesome Refrigerator Magnet!
    • Perfect Tool For Mobile Phone Engineers and DIY Enthusiasts alike

As the world’s largest iOS repair company we only use the highest quality tools and parts available. These are the same magnetic flow charts that are used by our world-class technicians. With over 600 technicians all over the world, we pride ourselves with providing the absolute best customer service possible. If you ever need help with you repairs, these technicians are available any time to help you get your device back to 100%.


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