iPhone 4S Battery Replacement DIY Kit

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Fried your iPhone's battery with nonstop usage? Plugged your iPhone into the wrong charger or outlet? Left your iPhone outside for the morning dew to zap your battery? Then this complete, premium DIY iPhone Repair Kit is right for you!

Kit Includes:

1 Replacement iPhone 4S Battery
1 Premium Pentalobe Screwdriver
1 Premium Philips Head Screwdriver
1 Premium Flat Head Screwdriver
1 Premium Nylon Spudger
1 SIM Card Tray Opener
1 Ultrafine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
1 Official iCracked iPhone 4/4S Battery Replacement Repair Flowchart
Link to iCracked's YouTube iPhone 4/4S Battery Replacement Repair Video



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