iPad 2 LCD Replacement DIY Kit

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This complete iPad 2 LCD Replacement kit will bring your iPad's LCD back to life! We provide you with all the premium tools an instructions you'll need to do this iPad repair! Beware of accidentally breaking the touch screen digitizer when you remove it to replace the LCD through, it can be tricky but we believe you can do it!

Kit Contains:
1 - Premium Replacement LCD
1 - iSesamo Opening Tool
1 - Philips Head #00 Premium Tool
1 - Microfiber Cleaning Clothe
1 - Suction Cup
1 - Nylon Spudger tool
1 - Instructional Flowchart

Follow our step by step instructions while using our premium tools and impeccable parts for a seamless repair. We're here for you through the entire process!

This is for the iPad 2, Black or White

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