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Use our oniline repair manuals while watching our online repair videos to successfully repair your device.

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Give yourself a pat on the back and return to enjoying your device in the condition it's meant to be in!

Why Order iCracked's DIY Kit?

Inexpensive Alternative
Awesome Customer Support
All Necessary Parts and Tools Included
Video Tutorials
Lifetime Warranty on Parts
Free Shipping

We're Here For You

"At iCracked, we value our customer's satisfaction, and want their experience to be as seamless as possible from start to finish. If you face any issues at all, please reach out and we will happily help you through the process!"

Marc O., Customer Support Specialist

Real Quotes from Real People

“Today I replaced my Granddaughters cracked iPhone screen. Thank you for making it so easy. I will recommend you to everyone that listens. Your DIY kit is great.”
Tina D.

“I just repaired my iPhone 4s with your kit and it WORKS! I am completely blown away that I was able to disassemble my iPhone and successfully repair it myself. The most valuable resource you provide is hands down the video... Thanks a TON for your awesome product!!!!”
Liz C.

“I decided to opt for the DIY kit instead and texted [my iTech] expecting him to be annoyed and frustrated with my flakiness. To my surprise, not only was he understanding and polite, but he actually offered to lend advice or help... That absolutely blew me away. ”
Jordan F.

"I ordered my DIY kit and had great customer support. Even when things went south, they were more than happy to answer my questions. Thank you iCracked Team, my phone is my life and I was lost without it!"
— Manuel M.

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