Magnetic HD Flowchart for iPhone 4S

Magnetic HD Flowchart for iPhone 4S

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Remember in the old days when you would take something apart and lose and misplace screws? That is SOOO 2011 get with the new times and technology!

To battle this threat of screw loss iCracked created an incredibly innovative custom MAGNETIC flowchart! This placemat sized flowchart not only walks you through each step of the repair in HD pictures and crystal clear instructions it will hold all the screws in place while you work so reassembly is a breeze. Trust us when we say these revolutionary flowcharts will make your day and repair easier than going to a Justin Beiber concert.

Yea we're that good.

Heck when you're done with it you can even hang it up on the refrigerator to show your friends how awesome you are!

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